JPSB Solutions is a specialist resource provider within financial services globally. We provide a comprehensive and robust service delivering resources at all levels of the organisation.

JPSB Solutions analyses and assesses the challenges specific to the partner and the role. As part of this we will identify the skills, knowledge, and abilities that are needed, and put forward insight and a different perspective on the needs of our partner. If relevant, we will challenge our partner’s assumptions and suggest alternative strategies or solutions to achieve a better outcome in order to reach their programme goals.

JPSB Solutions provides specialist recruiters to deal with specific role requirements.

We build lasting personal relationships with our partners, as it is our belief that in this way we develop a thorough understanding of each partner’s business environment.

JPSB Solutions is differentiated by eight key attributes:

  • Delivery and solution-focused
  • Ethical
  • Reliable
  • Trusted partner
  • Integrity
  • Extensive networks
  • Financial services expertise and experience
  • Excellent communicators