These are a few examples of work carried out:

Sovereign Wealth Manager

Research and development for SimCorp Dimension Fees Automation.

Swiss Asset Manager

Pre-analysis of a global SimCorp Implementation, which involved assessing the target operating model and business processes: TO-BE and AS-IS. We delivered within four workstreams: basic structure, static data, compliance, and transition/client on-boarding.

SimCorp Dimension Communication server delivery expertise.

Global Pension Fund

Analysis of existing risk reporting calculations, and conduct re-engineering of a new solution for risk reporting. We delivered on the design of KPI Risk Dashboard/data cube, and the development of data extracts taken from SimCorp Dimension.

Global Asset Manager

Merging an asset manager into existing SimCorp Dimension platform. This required analysis for correcting the portfolio structure, booking, general ledger, interfaces, segment, calculation setup, issue and redemption flow of bonds, internal reporting, and correction of own developed PL/SQL functionality.